Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5/22/12 Ed of year update

I am working on two projects right now. For CosmoCurls I have registered a URL and am currently looking into designing a website with the help of my dad. I am going to have interviews, tutorials, product reviews, etc on my blog. I have interviews in like, and have already filmed and Edited several tutorials. I am currently developing a list of interview candidates and questions. On my second project I am working with Jacob to make a fitness and diet blog, and we have made a blog. In the next few weeks with CosmoCurls, I am hoping to haw basic information under each tab and hopefully begin to advertise and spread the word. With the fitness blog, we hope to have some instructional videos, recipes, and advice contet up. With CosmoCurls, I know the information will help other people deal with their curly hair and create a greater acceptance with it. The market for curly hair slo is huge, and I have the opportunity to provide a place to share all of the tips am tricks I have learned with others. With the fitness blog, it will help people of all ages get into good shape a kickstart a healthy lifestyle.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


As I have grown up I have learned to appreciate my naturally curly hair, and have encountered tonssss of hair tutorials, products, and methods. I realized that on YouTube and blogs across the internet, curly hair help is in high demand. Thus, I have decided to start a website giving advice on the things I have learned to care for my special hair. My objective is to help other people appreciate themselves. I have already bought and registered the website name and filmed tutorials. My plans for the next few weeks are to start and finish a website that my dad will help me with, and I will film and edit interviews. I assume this will take about a week. To present my finished work to my colleagues, I will show the website and will hopefully begin to have traffic on my website on such a short amount of time.

Friday, May 4, 2012

AP Studying Continued

Studying for the AP exam this past week has consisted of studying literature terms with my younger siblings and writing thesis sentences for a couple AP prompts a night. I have also been discussing AP literature with my peers to refresh my memory on the books I have read.

Monday, April 30, 2012


Today at school, I looked over several essay prompts and created outlines and small pre writes during AVID when we had a study day. During sixth period, I studied the Literary terms for the upcoming test. I have also been discussing literature books with my peers.

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Plan

I plan to make flash cards and study the literary terms, and also study the available study resources on the class blog.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Macbeth Notes

Macbeth Notes • No situational irony in Macbeth and no sharing of inner thoughts (indirect characterization) • Porter scene-no humor besides porter • Murder of Duncan- death results from Macbeths unhappiness. • Some say he’s “ambitious” or evil desires • Witched give him 2 titles. King.. although there is already a king . He thinks that’s weird, but probably wanted that anyway • Ex: Act 1 Scene7 • Deceptive and socially savvvyyyyyy • He is bloody, but also cares about his appearance • Believes only way to throne is murder • *animus-masculine • *anima-feminine and nurture • Lady Macbeth is evil and degrading • She influenced, but it is still Macbeth’s fault • Chooses to do versus wants to do • Sees the dagger and follows it • EX: Black Boy, wrong place wrong time in a way.. except Macbeth already had the intention • “obstacles cannot crush me… he who his fixed to his star cannot be adverted.” –Di Vinci • Lady Macbeth is “The Instigator” convinces Macbeth to murder the king through taunting and challenging his manhood • Macbeth- determination and focus • Macbeth is pathological. He kills someone and thinks “it’s the occupation we chose… family business.” • “She should have died hereafter…” speech after wife’s death • wanted to control the outcome of his death so throws himself into battle • witches signify the evils of the earth • monkeys paw story- get $$$, but son is killed

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